This is PERFECT. In every way.. and yes.. I would love that. I see….  I hope you are being affected! I am in a moment, wondering how I really affect people.. but man I would LOVE to affect people in a positive way like this, everyone, a lot..


HJNNNMMMMM… This.. THIS!! UM!!! WOW!!!! UM…. my gosh….. wow.

HJNNNMMMMM… This.. THIS!! UM!!! WOW!!!! UM…. my gosh….. wow.

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Feeling some blonde action… man I’m tired…

I invented the tele-transporter. It was in my mind the whole time. I figured I was a mass of atoms, that what held them all together to make me could become myself there.. and dissipate where I was.. I figure it out.

(this is fictitious btw, just in case you didn’t notice!)

So I went to her… I kissed her, she got bugged, a bit frightened that I appeared out of the dust around her… but she saw me make out with her, kiss her, bite her neck. I then pulled her down over me as I sat back over the bed in her workshop. She tried to get away, but I didn’t let her. I just bit her a little harder on her neck and ears the more she struggled. I pulled her hair back and said…. “I came here for you, to give you what I was, right now.. ” I could feel myself build, and she was warm, but she relaxed more, trying to turn her head to look at me.. but I just pulled her clothes off her and then lifted her small frame onto me.

I pushed up into her, she was wet and warm, waiting for me, sliding down onto me as if she belonged there… but what had me more was the other person there.

Little did i notice but another person tele-transported to where we were. My girl gasped, her box tightening on my cock, still wet and warm, she tried to twist and turn and run away, there was another beautiful, older lady looking down on us.

I popped out, what was this!?

But I smiled, I recognized her.. crazy lady! she came to watch. She whispered something into my girls ear, sill over me, then she grabbed my cock and guided it into my girl again.

My girl started to move, I could feel her gush inside, soaking and wanting.. I was turned on, she began to fuck over me, onto me, into me, I could feel myself release, and I held her over me as she bounced onto me. I could feel strange warm hands cupping my balls, playing with them as I got harder and harder, I wanted this, my girl just moaned, louder and louder, fucking me as if she owned me, her eyes in wantom lust glaring at the stranger watching us. But she wuold stop. She didn’t stop. And I couldn’t take it more, my chest heaving, I arch my hips and push myself into her, to split her as I fill her up with who I was. She cried in dominance as she smirked at the stranger playing with my emptying sack. “He’s mine”.

The air was thick. After gaining vision from the brain splitting orgasm, I could feel my cum drip down from the hole that just took my all, and looked around, I looked into the eyes of the lady, she smiled, thankful, pinched my balls and vanished.

But before she went, I swear I saw her thighs wet, dripping, a small trail of her liquids running down….

I bite my girl in the neck…


I have not been with two girls at once. It seems I have a guy friend whom I have made out drunk at parties often (sometimes not remembering) and now my girlfriend has been in bed with him and me at the same time, he often stepping too far. Now last weekend they made out infront of me again, I had permission, but I wanted her to make out with me after, that was the only condition. Out of defiance and offense, she was hurt and wanted to hurt me back (for me making out with a girl in a club randomly a couple of weeks prior)…. and she did……

Now…. all these politics, the fears that I am competing to being more than a friend of mine to keep my girl, being afraid that she doesn’t love me or that I am the worser man for her, that I am the one that isn’t for her because he is the one that cares for her better emotionally…. I don’t know. I get so insecure.

But then she tells me…. Noone else can turn her on like I do.. but then I get so nervous, she mentioned that he can’t turn her on like I can.. does that mean he turns her on? OH NO!!!!!

Sometimes I get so angry I just run away, stop the cab when I’m in there with her, and walk away…. sometimes I do that… then she might say “He wouldn’t do that.”… and it is like a knife to my soul.

Yes, I’m a dick sometimes, yes, I walk away from fights after yelling and fighting and being somewhat morally or verbally abusive…… and lately, sometimes out of physical control, just wanting to shut her up, put her in her place, and make her obey.

I hold her, she can’t escape.

I get scared, she gets scared.. this is a dager to her soul.

I blame it on tequila.

But fuck.. I used to be a patient man, who doesn’t give a fuck about anything.. it was my philosophy.

But now here I am, insecure, afraid, alone, and unsure. She must feel the same. There are times I remind myself that I shouldn’t be afraid, that it all should be ok, and it all works out…. but that is that.. here I am.

I shouldn’t be afraid, or should I?

What am I afraid? That she will find love in someone else because she finds no love from me… and that would devastate me.

But at the same time, if she enjoyed another mans love but loved me, and had love from me, we were ok…. and full with each other, and I was a priority, a center…. that WOULD be ok.

I would have loved to see her make out with my friend in the club if she had only kissed me the same way if not more afterwards…

But she wanted to hurt me…………. punish me.

Terrible night.

Final point: I wonder what it would be like with another girl instead?

Maids… why does it seem like an erotic idea? And… sharing cum???? Why.. does this appeal to me? Why?


Well… let’s begin…. I am a submissive man, but in personality I am far from that. In reality I shut up, follow instructions, but burn inside to take the lead, control and tell everyone what to do. I want to control my world, my work is perfection because that is what it is about… 3D work and controlling my graphical world, my stories.. I am a leader and I want to control. I want to dominate. I want.. her to obey me. I want to tell her that she shouldn’t feel sad, that she should crave happiness, crave me. I want her to listen to me and follow me, trust me, and work with me. I want her to follow my lead and to adventure with me, follow what I want to explore. I want her to be by my side even if I don’t know where I am going, and still trust me. I don’t want her to complain, but be grateful that I am trying to give her what I can. I want her to crave me though…

So a maid…

She serves me, she obeys me, she does her work without me telling her to, she knows her duties, her boundaries. She knows that she must follow my lead and trust me blindly. She knows I will provide, house, and my matters will be my own, they are not her place.. but at the same time she is in my very life and living space. She is there, with me, at all times.

And I can trust her.

I want her to crave the desire to please me, to want me. I want her to worship me and look up to me.

This picture has two of them, imagine that multiplied by two… and imagine them craving me so much that they would share it from their mouths before me.

NO THAT… is ideal.

I would want to be a full man for this, not my pansy self…

But sometimes I am so afraid, not sure if really I am being too rude or mean, abusive.

I don’t want to be abusive………………….

So all of this I still don’t understand, how to control my woman. She often controls me more………..

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This is a blog post with porn attached to it.

It’s March already. I just made a list for all the things I should do. This week will be busy. I look at the past and think I haven’t done much with my life. I saw something from the wise mallard duck saying I should invest my time in chasing my dreams over just putting in time into my significant other. That has be why I’m somewhat depressed right now… But then I got to get my dreams clear. It is work and a lifestyle and creative ability, but also a person or people and shared thoughts, body fluids and emotions. But I’m overwhelmed! Varios jobs looking for means to live and socialise, including food, people, everyday tasks…. I’m starting to feel paralysed, very incapable of everything. I need something to let me shrug it all off and realise I can, and just do it.

I am right now on a taxi, skipping work, escaping my duties, feeling paralysed, not able to move and do the simple things… So I’m fucking all and will go to her, and we will fuck, if all goes well.. And I think this time I will not let her complain her way out of it.

I need to let go.

And I need to let it go into someone.
Btw. I love these pictures, being in her as she pleases another before me, a human centipede the way it should be.

I had an awkward dream lastnight……

I had an awkward dream lastnight……

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This.. this…. is amazing…. And how their eyes are closed or hidden.. they are in the moment, not caring who or where they come from or what they have done in life.. just enjoying the attention and the bodies mixing, holding each other up… this….

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This is all what it’s all about.. liberation for her to let it go, do what she always wanted to do… and even for myself also, live the fantasy that I always dreamed of, not let emotions, complicated relationship and history, no harm, no pain, just….. forgiveness all around, no awkward moments.. meh.. I’m getting too ideal. I wish it was this simple, like in the pictures. I wish I had friends and partners who would do this. I wish I didn’t have a family or culture that would look down on it. I wish a lot of things… So I like the art of seducing.. people.. making think it’s their idea to endulge in what I’d love to endulge in. Yes.. i get nervous and don’t follow through.. but I like the idea. I want to make people do what they secretly want to do…. and do it with them, do what I want to secretly do with them… yeah, I want that. 

And.. having a couple of people, just a couple, like 2.. open up just a little, one anon and another special… makes this all the more worthwhile - bring out the secrets. This is why I blog, this is what it’s all about.. and this is just a great post with a great reminder for a great future and life….

Heaven can be on earth.

Pardon my gushiness.

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