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The…. One on the left, the beautiful lip bite, and facial presence, and the way they share, locking eyes on different things, one on the other girl, the other on his member, hungry to have it in her mouth… Then the way she wraps around it.

Is one invited, the other making sure she gets her taste, but not too much? Is the guy in heaven? I’d be so drugged from the sensation, the dark hair, from two beautiful heads, as forbidden and complicated as it sounds .. It would be an experience I’d love.. At least as a mental tease and fantasy.

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Hungry. Desperately. Cumming onto her stomach did not deter her from wanting to lap it up. Thirsty, hungry. Craving it.

To me it’s a mystery. In the real world.. I don’t really see that. I don’t see people.. hungry for that stuff…….. that they’d gladly give her mouth just to taste it, just to feel it, just that have it on their tongue and run down their throats.

And sometimes.. I want that… for me….. and I always feel sooo selfish.

Thank you… for the kind submission. It’s nice to think that… I help you all achieve a little pleasure in life, and that makes me happy.

Thank you… for the kind submission. It’s nice to think that… I help you all achieve a little pleasure in life, and that makes me happy.

Been meaning to publish this one lately… for quite some time. I just.. like the idea that she is.. in the middle, fingernails painted, grasped from behind, and enjoying and focusing on what is infront of her, while being filled. It’s beautiful.. and I dunno, if any girl, my girl.. ever wanted to try this, I would gladly be a part of it. Often… as often as she’d want.

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So. Have you done this a lot?

Group sex? I have not.. only a handful of times - and usually it was too drugged, drunk or emotional to be of that much fun.. but mind and body still craves it, the ideal - no negative emotions and pure acceptance and respect for difference, yet celebration for it all - a good shared lay. =P

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder.
Abstinence makes the heart grow stronger.

Stay busy.. think of her… time will pass, a new chapter will begin, hopefully with less turmoil and miscommunication… and.. I’m so flipping hopeful right now.

Not really for images above… which she isn’t always so keen about, but still it’s hot to me, but… more than that. Being inside her, having her, or learning to talk with her. Skype has been helpful.. strangely enough, it makes us seem less scary. It’s so easy to read someone online in a growly, mean voice.. it’s easy to get hurt. It’s easy to feel hate and intentional pain from a chat, a message, a tone of voice writtin in something so personally biased to misinterpretation by the very ready who hears the voice read those words..

It’s so easy to look at the world and believe it is speaking bad of us, that it is judging us, that it’s unhappy with us, upset, controlling, angry, hurt, scared.. it’s all………. all… just me… my personal interpretation. Really… it could all be happy, trustworthy and worth relaxing in… maybe there is no point to read what other people think, do and say about me.. their business is not my own.. which doesn’t make me someone who doesn’t care, but more.. someone who cares enough to not get butthurt but others, and treat them with kindness, not defensiveness, with patience, not anger, with understanding (even if it may take some time to get there).

I am no expert, but here I am learning that all my feelings of hurt and pain to her or anyone really is my own mind just reacting. It’s doing it’s thing, it’s own negative thing.. and in essence, I can’t blame the world for my pain, not my family, not my job, not the country I live in nor it’s politics, not work and the people in public transport or on the motorbikes nearly bowling me over.. no… life is how I see it…..

it is good to know it’s me… and that this hole is just a hold, one I can climb out and see.. that life is beautiful, free, and seriously captivating, just like this picture… what a lovely face.. and situation…….

Anyway, awkward ranting away and thinking about my life with a rant to an erotic, taboo picture that inspires excitement and hope.. not sure why…

I guess….. I change my outlook to that sort of thing…

Now it’s not scary, nor damaging to me, maybe to her it could be… probably.. but not to me.. maybe I’m lying to myself? Or.. maybe not? Is it really a pleasure? Not sure…

I don’t know what is right, my life is so short, I think i will try live with a conscious that has no regrets, and knows that it’s doing the right thing no matter what it’s doing.. even if I question myself, questioning is good, but really… it’s.. all progressive.. not sure.. just ranting here……….. just ranting.

My girl touched herself and mentioned it while she was at the world cup. I wrote her a story… and well… she liked it.. she wants more.. so here I be maturing the idea… with love peeps, have a good night.

Curiouser and Curiouser


This post will most likely go unnoticed, but I’m posting it anyway.

Other than a quick peek now and then, I’ve been completely away from this page for a couple of months, as I said I would most likely be. And no one seemed to mind or perhaps even noticed.

What is odd and curious is that,…

I feel the same way with my own. =/

She gasped. She read the message again. Bit her lip, then she read it yet again. He sounded like he was not kidding. The idea sounded preposterous, but the very fact that he told her to do what he was telling her to do made her heart skip a beat. She wanted to do it. She wanted to obey, but more.. Submit.

She didn’t respond in a few days. But every night when she lay beside her man, she couldn’t hold back the image of what the message had painted her. She couldn’t hold back the temptation, maybe this might actually work, she thought.

The next day she responded nervously that she would do it.

She went out and bought some long silky ribbons, and some clean sheets to match. She asked her man casual thoughts, finding out what her master wanted to know from him. She compiled an ad, published it online and nervously waited. She was told to find what he wanted in person, but she was too nervous. This will have to do, she thought to herself. She organised and scheduled her man’s sleep routine and bought some wine. She couldn’t believe she was going to do it, but the more she prepared, the more it brought a spring step to her gait, and colour to her cheeks.

Then there was a response. Well not just from him, but from a her. She agreed to it, the time, and then she updated her master. He was pleased, but she was far from complete.

That night her man came home, and she ate with him, she served a little extra in wine and she was getting frisky. They flirted and kissed, it was special, and young, revitalising. She drew him to their bedroom, he knew exactly what she wanted. But then she remembers her master’s words.

She stops him.

"I want you to lie back for me tonight, and close your eyes.. "

He looked confused, but she could tell how hard he was as she pulled off his clothes. She looked up making sure he wasn’t looking, then she stopped, kissed his hard cock, then grabbed a long ribbon.
” what are you doing?! “he remarked curious and impatiently.

" just tying you to the bed darling. "

She grabbed his throbbing cock playfully and then tied him to the bed.

" you aren’t looking are you? " she asked casually as she reaches for her phone.

" no dear, but God you are turning me on so much right now. "

Sure enough, his cock was stiff and erect, firm before her, so tasty, so inviting.

" just give me a minute, I’ll be right back! Keep your eyes closed! "

She left the room to get the front door. She opened up her house to a beautiful young lady, she looked as beautifully good as her pictures online, if not better.

" this way. "she said seriously; but really her heart was boiling, racing a million miles per hour, was she sure? What was she doing? She reminded herself again and again that it was her masters wishes, he would be so happy she’d do this, and he wanted what was best for her. She repeated it to her self again and again.

She led her to their room, knowing full well her man was lying there tied to the bed, precum leaking onto his stomach in anticipation for her, only her. Her hands were sweaty, her breath shallow. Remind herself, submit, this is it! Without a word she nodded to her. The young woman took off her clothes quietly, and got into the bed. She could smell the scent of her very cute body, strange, exotic, yearning. She was beautiful.

"can I open my eyes yet? " he asked playfully, he didn’t seem to realize this was another woman.

She breathed in deeply and she undressed herself, feeling her insides churning, fixed upon his rock hard cock, and nervously spoke up.

" you always wanted to be mine, and you have been, such a good husband.. But tonight you will no longer be just mine. "

The young lady looked back at her and smiled. She lifted her legs over him, as he started to protest against such a confusing ceremony.

His cock was throbbing, leaking, and then two young hands grabbed his head and pulled him into her young cunt, wet and yearning for his lips. He opened his eyes and keeled and jerked his head back, pulling at the ribbons. He saw a young body, foreign and new over him, pinning him down with its gorgeous weight, he tries to pull free with no success.

"what are you doing?! What is this?! " he cried out in desperation. Her wet lips brushing against his face, trying to land on his mouth.

" mark him, make him yours "she said confidently.

His cock still stood firm. She knew it. Just as her master predicted. She leaned down and took him into her mouth and licked up his precum, as tasty as ever.

" you will always be mine " she then got up almost angrily, then she stood up and grabbed his cock then sat on him. He moaned into another woman’s parts, pushing her scent and juices over his mouth, now tainted by her smell, hiz nose barely able to breath. He stops struggling, powerless, and begins to lap up at this new shaved young flesh, trading her new flavours and mixing it with his own.

She felt him pulse inside her as she held her man down. She was wet and thirsty, thrusting her hips back and forth with him spiking into her favourite spot, eating a beautiful young womans back arch over her man’s face, hearing her young sweat voice coo in pleasure as he devoured her, rocking inside her, she couldn’t take much more then cums. The girl in front also cums and cries out noisily , only making her rock on her man all the harder. He’s moaning into her, tasting her, it made her mad. She was angry, horny, happy, relieved, free, afraid, in love. She wanted more of him. She wished to be filled of him.

"cum" she cried, slabbing him into her, "cum"

His mouth ground and his tongue licked her out, pushing deep into her, then he spasms nearly lifting both women up as he arches and cums strongly in to her like a jet steam, crying out into her cunt, covered in another woman’s mark, making her cum as his wife cries out in relieving pleasure as she orgasms on his hot rock liquid expanding through her every being.

The the young lady gets up and leans down to kiss him in gratitude, then gets up to get dressed, big grin on her face. She, the wife, slumps down into him, filled up. She kisses him ferociously taking away what she had left there, he kissed her back as ferociously. He could not hold her tied to the bed, but she held him, filed with him as he kept pumping more into her. He smelt different, new, and she could tell something changed.

The young lady, satisfied and dressed, unties the ribbons and proceeds to leave.

He grabs her, holds her, turns on again inside, and fucks his wife repeating that he was hers, hornier than ever.

At last there was fire between then again.

Her master will be proud.

NASTY… dirty.. fantasy…. want.. crave….. and.. yes, I’ll double team it. And to be honest, I have not been behind a girl… and let alone cum inside..

Did you know there was a time in my life I had my reserves about even cumming inside someone? Let alone a girl? Let alone in the back??? I thought… one day… the girl of my dreams will be THE ONE.. the one I cum into…

But then.. I am not sure now.. Seems people won’t just stick around, but one particularly does, but sometimes it’s really hart.. it’s like trying to hold to ends of the same magnetic poles of some very strong magnets… pushing each other away! But even then…. I want to do this with her one day, for this was special.. and well.. maybe one day……… dunno… this just is so exotic….

I guess I just want it dirty… .right now….. sloppy, dirty, and taboo….

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