My tumblr feed somehow ended up like this, no kidding…. but man, I would LOVE to know how many girls fantasize of this! I WOULD BE SO DOWN! Count me in if this is your fantasy!

Your girl watching us fuck, my girl watching him fuck me, or me fucking him while my girl gets off… something gorgeously horny and hot really gets me about this..

And yes, maybe to me I get the notion that the majority of mankind and the internet seems to not really praise this, they would rather see two women together and one man… but hell, what about this?!?!?!?

Man, I need to get back to tumblr, I’m craving some fantasies in my mind…. something that could become realities…

I wonder who he belongs to… cause I want one! Or is… he’s just a really nice guy that likes to help his ladies friend out also? Or is the ladies friend really.. just an awesome friend to spend time with? The thought overwhelm me.

Bottom line: If I was in a couple relationship and we had a friend that wanted to make us both happy, I would be happy indeed!

Loving this blog!

gangbangmexxx, do you like standing up while there with them all? 

I really like the idea of this position, doubling what one can share and please!

Now we are a tight group, but.. we like some guests every now and then!